Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Update

Just as a method of protecting myself, I am making public notice that today, Dave Edwards of Probation and Parole seized my computer laptop, and intends to keep it from me for at least until Tuesday of this next week. The specific reason for the seizure is that a friend used the computer to access pornography, which I reported and which the friend has come forth and admitted to. But this is being used as an excuse to remove the computer from my custody, and to conduct a search of it outside my presence.
If this is a legitimate search, there will be nothing to find. I do not use my computer to search for porn or view it. And I cannot recall (certainly not in the recent past) when the last time was that I have inadvertently had a pop-up open on something inappropriate (which again, I have reported in the past, as necessary). But considering my history with local officials, knowing that I was set-up on a false charge once before, I am greatly concerned that the computer was taken to be inspected without my presence. This several day obstruction makes it difficult for me to know what could be potentially placed on the computer when it is not in my custody.
I have cooperated and been very clear that I have nothing to hide - but this is very disconcerting the way it was done. There is also some concern because I was working on legal work that I now have no access to, and this could be used to bar my access from that legal work. I am as such posting here that a malicious act has been taken and will update if this resolves without further complications. If I do not post here by sometime next week, then anyone reading this can assume that something was concocted and I have been taken into custody yet again...

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