Thursday, February 18, 2010

Modification of This Site

In addition to the preceding legal notice, I have also had my conditions changed to impose a restraint upon my freedom of expression, specifically directing me to modify this site to remove all instances of my so-called "victim's" or family's names or contact information. Aside from all of this being information that has been online for over six years as of this writing, this will now require me to extensively edit all of my previous entries.
This will be a time consuming process and will not be able to be accomplished in short order. I will endeavor to comply, admittedly under protest, but anyone who has read this blog knows that what I have entered is verbose and will take some time to edit in full. Truth is, I may have to retain the assistance of someone else to check the blog on my behalf to remove all questionable content as a third party. Regardless, this will take time, and I ask for anyone who has a genuine interest in this issue to take whatever *legal* avenues they may feel appropriate to address this gross infringement of civil liberties, because as of this point in time, I am prohibited from doing so.

Public Notice

This serves as notice that the Board of Directors needs to meet as soon as possible to discuss replacing myself as President of the corporation and Chair of the Board of Directors, as I am as of today legally prohibited to go anyplace where there is a "reasonable expectation" that children may be present. I would suggest the other Board members discuss a time and place for such meeting, as I will be unable to attend.