Thursday, February 18, 2010

Public Notice

This serves as notice that the Board of Directors needs to meet as soon as possible to discuss replacing myself as President of the corporation and Chair of the Board of Directors, as I am as of today legally prohibited to go anyplace where there is a "reasonable expectation" that children may be present. I would suggest the other Board members discuss a time and place for such meeting, as I will be unable to attend.


  1. The purpose of this posting is to make public notice that the Eleventh District Court, Judge Katherine Curtis presiding, modified the conditions of my sentence to include language that prohibits me from going anyplace where there is a reasonable expectation a child may be present unless accompanied by an "appropriately trained" individual pre-approved by probation and parole and my "treatment provider". What this condition entails is that I cannot go anyplace in public without risk of being violated and returned to prison, unless I can hire and retain a person to accompany me to anywhere I go. Other than this being something I have previously attempted and been shot down by these self-same people each time I have tried, I live on SSI and cannot reasonably be expected to pay for this condition. Since I am unable to afford to pay for approval or retention of a trained individual, and the authorities in charge have already demonstrated that they will not approve anyone I suggest, this makes the only safe place for me to be other than prison to be my room. Consequently, since I am unable to be in any public place, I must step down from my official position with GameHearts and notify the board to replace me.

  2. Man, That sounds like a very F***** Up situation,
    I wish only the best for you.

  3. Ron is and has been a dear friend for over 16 years. His son John and my son Doug used to have birthday parties together and play together on a regular basis. I can attest to the fact the charges he has been convicted of are false. He is now considered a level one sex offender certified by one of the leading sex offender psychologists as a low likelihood of re-offending. Yet, despite this, his probation officer and sex offender counselor continue to violate his rights. Due to this horrific event, he has lost his son, several friends, and family members. People he thought he could trust, turned their backs on him out of fear they would persecuted. On Thursday he was ordered to not go anywhere a child could possibly be. This includes, but is not limited to, grocery stores, restaurants, movies, fitness centers, the emergency room, etc. Ron is disabled and requires physical therapy. This modification does not allow him to go to the physical therapist, because they are located in the fitness center where there is children. He lives on a very limited income, yet the demands of his treatment take approximately 1/3 of his income. Thanks to the modifications at Thursday's trial, he is essentially a prisoner in his own room. On Friday morning Ron was admitted to Pathways Treatment Center for suicidal depression. As a level one sex offender with a low likelihood of repeating, his restrictions are a lot stronger than a repeat offender with a high likelihood of offending again. As his friends and I watch what is going on, we are in disbelief of how Flathead County Criminal Justice system is treating him all because he won't admit he has done this crime and stands up for his beliefs. It is unfortunate because of this false label, Ron cannot get good legal support and people shun him based on the label prior to knowing his side of the story. I realize 98% or 99% of people convicted are innocent, but people need to be made aware there is still a number of people who have been falsely convicted and need others to listen to their plight. As a nation we need to listen to all the details, and then make a judgment for ourselves instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks. If this were not the case, the National Innocence Project would not have needed to be formed to help free individuals from wrongful persecution.