Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Urgent Issue

Anyone following this blog will note that I have not been posting much lately. the reason for this is that my posts here tend to provoke retaliations, so I have been withholding my freedom of expression so that I can maintain some semblance of liberty to continue to pursue my legal rights. It is bad enough that I am confined to my room due to the machinations of my probation officer (and of course, he blames me), but i also have to keep relatively silent about the autrocities committed against me. Clearly, that no longer matters...
Today, Dave Edwards with the Montana Department of Probation and Parole has once again threatened me with being returned to prison,thsi time in retaliation for confronting him over perjury he committed in an affidavit filed with the Montana Supreme Court in response to my habeas petition. Just thought you all should know that if I suddenly stop responding to emails, this is why: I have been once again incarcerated for pursuing my civil rights...


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  2. This blog is presently being censured by Blogspot, who will not permit new posts to be made. I will be searching for a new home for Monspiracy.

  3. This blog has been moved to http://monspiracy.wordpress.com to bypass Blogspot's censorship.