Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Case of Gov Abuse (ACGA) Continued Part II

    Yesterday I was rushed, and I am again today, so I will try to get what I can in here as quickly as possible...
    At any rate, after the meeting with the counselors, [*] and I put off immediately talking to [*]. I did not really want to be a part of the conversation (considering the history involved) but [*] wanted me to. Instead, it all came out in a rather non-planned way on the night of October 15, 2003.
    [*], myself, [*] and a couple of our friends/volunteers (Jeff Berna and Tasha Bordeaux) were sitting in the back room of the store (Arcadia) talking. John and [*] (my son and [*]'s youngest) were also there, but were asked to leave after the conversation turned. We were talking about something else entirely, something to do with [*]'s problems in school, if I recall correctly, and I made a slip and mentioned something about the talk [*] and I had had with the counselors (forgive me that I don't recall more specifics about that part of the conversation, but it has been five years...).
    At any rate, [*] decided to launch into talking to [*] about the incident that she had recalled. I asked John and [*] to leave the room when I saw where it was going, and made to leave myself, but was asked by [*] to stay. And truth to tell, I did want to hear what [*] said. So I sat back and remained as quiet as I could while [*] talked to her daughter.
    The first thing [*] did was ask [*] if she recalled the incident that had happened when she was little. [*] asked her specifically if she recalled a man coming into the house (his name was Shane, by the way - I recalled that much) and assaulting her. [*] looked dumbfounded and just shook her head, No. At this point, [*] began describing the incident in detail, starting with how Shane had come into the house and before long had pulled [*] down onto the couch from behind. In the middle of the telling though, [*] began to fill in the details - in the presence of being told about the story, she suddenly recalled it in detail. In fact, [*] began providing details that [*] did not recall herself!
    Okay, time is up again... Hopefully I'll get to post more on this tomorrow... So little time, so much to tell...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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