Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Case of Gov Abuse Continued - Part I

    This will be my first update to the content of "Another Case of Gov Abuse", my original website posted in December, 2003. If you have not read that site, please feel free to go there NOW.
    When I last posted my ordeal, it was with the forewarning that the Kalispell authorities could retaliate. Well, they did. They reopened the closed investigation on [*], charged me with Sexual Assault and Witness Tampering (for allegedly making [*] recant her allegation after the investigation was closed) and had me arrested on February 20, 2004. After that date, I was continuously incarcerated until February 17, 2009, since I was falsely convicted (following sixteen months of incarceration) of the Sexual Assault. Essentially, I became a Political Prisoner in order to quash my objections to and claims against Kalispell authorities. Yet this Reader's Digest summary does not begin to detail the levels of depravity to which I have been subjected to in the last five years.
    But what is certainly a long story of deprivation of civil liberties beyond imagining must being where I left off on my recounting - what immediately followed my last post. But before I can get to that, I need to fill in some of the gaps that I left open when I originally typed the first website. At the time, I had planned to type more and fill in the gaps, but I was dealing with a limited amount of space on that server at the time and could only get the three pages worth of material online. Oh, what five years can change...
    On December 8, 2003, it had only been a few days since the Eleventh Judicial District of Montana (by way of Judge Ted Lympus) endorsed the abduction of [*] and [*]. [*] (their mother) and I were still struggling with the idea that the court system was going to back up such a flagrant kidnapping by State authorities. We had been denied the opportunity to present any defense at the so-called "show cause hearing" and Judge Lympus would not permit me even into the courtroom to present the legal challenges to the State's action. In a nutshell, it became crystal clear that not only was the City of Kalispell corrupt, but that both Flathead County and State of Montana officials were also willing to abuse the law in order to protect the City. And it became questionable whether there was any hope at all of overcoming these atrocities.
    Also at the point of writing "Another Case of Gov Abuse", [*] had admitted that I had done nothing to her. In fact, with a friend, Carrie Beth Mountjoy as witness, I assisted [*] in preparing a statement both recanting the allegation and providing her own information about circumstances which had surrounded the allegation. Originally, I had believed that [*] had been coerced by her grandparents, [*], to make a false allegation against me with promises of a scheme to supposedly get [*] and [*]'s father, [*], back together. [*]'s recantation, which occurred around October 18, 2003, she said it had been a repressed memory. This is a story in and of itself, because it was prompted by a meeting between [*], myself and two school counselors at the beginning of October.
    Following the information that the official investigation with the Kalispell Police Department (KPD) was closed, the restrictions placed upon [*] and I were lifted. The primary restrictions upon me were that I could not live with [*] or the girls. Once that investigation was concluded though, [*] and I decided to try to reintegrate our households. However, I had huge trust issues with [*] and was reluctant to put myself back into a position where [*] could concoct another lie and start the fiasco all over again. And so, as an effort to work toward resolution, we met with my son, John's, and [*]'s counselors (Mary Jane Foxx was [*]'s counselor - I cannot recall John's counselor's name) to try to work toward reestablishing a family life with all parties. This meeting occurred sometime around the first week of October, 2003.
    The significance of this meeting was that during it, [*] suddenly had a recollection that she said she had previously not recalled. She said then that [*]'s story had always sounded familiar, but she did not know why. During the meeting, she abruptly announced to everyone present that she remembered why [*]'s story sounded so familiar - because what [*] had described (ie, lying on the couch with me allegedly putting one hand up her shirt and the other down her pants) had actually happened to her, not [*], though [*] had actually witnessed it!
    It turns out that when [*] was three years old, shortly after [*] separated from [*], [*] had a visit from one of [*]'s friends (cannot recall his name at the moment), supposedly to express his sorrow over the break-up of [*] and [*]. However, shortly after arriving, this "friend" assaulted [*] in the front room of their home, grabbing her from behind and forcing her down onto the couch, where he proceeded to try to force his hand up her shirt and the other down her pants! [*] witnessed the entire assault, but sat to the side of the room through most of it crouched down, holding her knees and rocking back and forth. But [*] did not stay there - in fact, the assault ended because [*] took one of her toys (a hard plastic ball) and hit the assailant over the head with it. When he reached to push [*] away, it gave [*] the chance to break his hold and she was able to overpower him and beat him (apparently pretty badly) before throwing him out the door. [*] never reported the assault, and she said she had mostly forgotten about it over the years...
    When [*] mentioned this to the counselors, Mary Jane Foxx immediately said that [*] would need to be talked to about it. [*] said she would do it and that is exactly what she did...
    I am out of time at this computer, so need to wrap this up. I will hopefully continue this tomorrow...

    Ciao for now!

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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