Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Threat

    Today I was informed by my Probation Officer, Dave Edwards, that "[*]" (which I find suspicious since she is now going by the name "[*]") called him and claimed to be "terrified" of me, that I was a "threat" to her! I have never been a threat to [*] - I have never wished her harm nor in any way threatened her, but someone wants her to think that and I have every reason to believe that it is [*], her "beau" who won her over through lies and cheats after my arrest!
     I was informed in or around December, 2005, that while I was incarcerated someone was calling [*]'s cell phone number, making threats to her in my name. It could not have been me because I could not even call a cell number from the jail, nor did I even know at the time that [*] even had a cell number. I did not learn that until a few days before my trial in July, 2005, and apparently these threats had been ongoing since right after my arrest.
     Now, "[*]" has called my PO and says that she feels "threatened" by me and that I need to stay away from her. Keep in mind, the only contact I have even attempted has been to settle the legal claim over the business assets that she absconded with. And that was done through one letter sent through the US Mail over three weeks ago. Why [*] is suddenly feeling "threatened" by me three weeks later is a mystery, since I have made no effort to contact her since mailing that letter. However, I do have my suspicions...
     Whenever a crime is committed, an investigator looks to several factors: whether a suspect has the means, the opportunity and a motive. Personally, I have no motive to threaten [*] - in fact, I have a motive not to: I still need her testimony about the threats and intimidations placed upon her by the local authorities. In other words, [*] is a potential ally and one does not gain an ally through threats!
     Worse, [*] is an innocent in all of this - she may have abandoned me, cheated on me, and even betrayed me, but she did so after being manipulated and deceived by those wishing me harm. [*] is not my enemy and I have no reason whatsoever to wish her harm. Yet someone wishes her to believe that i do.
     The only reason someone would have to create some kind of faux threat against [*] is if that person was served by her having a fear of me that prevented her from having contact with me. And the only person that has such a motive is her current beau, [*]. Only Mr. [*] would benefit from [*] being too afraid to even talk to me. Her terror serves him because he only won her over by lying to her in the first place about me and if she gets the chance to learn the truth, he would lose her. Sounds like a pretty good motive for creating a false threat for [*], doesn't it?
     Of course I cannot prove this. I do not have contact with [*] to confirm this. And I am forbidden now by direction of my PO (in excess of his lawful authority, by the way) from having any direct contact with her. But it is the only scenario that fits the circumstance...
     At this point, it seems very probable that I am going back to prison. I am being set up here and I have every reason to believe that these false threats will be used as the means to violate my probation. And there is nothing more I can do... I am doing nothing already - I cannot stop doing something that I am already not doing...
     The threat is new and it is real... I hope all who read this will wish me luck in surviving it...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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