Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newer Threat

    It is looking like I will be violated before too much longer. Each time I meet with my probation officer, new pressure is exerted upon me with unrealistic demands. As of today, I am left with no choice but to pursue filing a petition for writ of habeas corpus to try to relieve myself of this unlawful custody.
     As anyone who has read my earliest entries will know, Montana violates the double jeopardy clause of the US Constitution by imposing two simultaneous sentences upon its convicts: both a suspended sentence and a probationary sentence. This dual sentencing is used to justify recommitment to prison of anyone who has been released from custody. this is done via a probation violation being considered a crime and this serves as grounds to revoke a probationary sentence (since a probation violation is a crime in Montana, and the suspended sentence is conditional upon remaining law-abiding).
     I do not believe my efforts will be greatly successful, as this State has demonstrated a penchance for standing behind unlawful actions of its own officials. And if I prevail upon this claim, it would majorly upset the powers-that-be within the State by providing a pretense for every person on probation in the State to file for their own habeas. And I do not believe the State will easily pass on the means to continue to reap financial rewards from their imprisoned citizens.
     At any rate, all I can do is try...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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