Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Affidavit of [*] (ACGA Part IV)

    Sorry, I got somewhat distracted yesterday and did not get a chance to finish this thread. It happens...
    At any rate, as I attested last time, [*], Carrie Beth Mountjoy and I went into the back office at Arcadia to help prepare what became the Affidavit of [*]. [*] had asked me to help her write up a statement and I had asked Carrie Beth to be present as a witness to confirm that what was typed was what [*] was saying. Of course, later on, [*] lied and said that it was only her and I and that I had typed up the whole thing and forced her to sign it. And even though Carrie Beth had later attested in an interview to the truth, I was never allowed to use this evidence at my trial... That will all come later though.
    Basically, the meeting in the back office comprised [*] as the attester, myself as the typist (asking occasional questions for clarification) and Carrie Beth as a largely silent third party. In hindsight, I suppose I should have had Carrie Beth sign the affidavit as a witness, but it simply never occurred to me at that time exactly how far-reaching the corruption in Flathead County, Montana, truly went.
    As [*] related her version of events, I placed the content of her statements into affidavit form (I worked as a paralegal for two years in California, so I knew legal format). I separated her individual statements and numbered each paragraph. As I needed to, I asked questions to get the information I wanted (ie, that specifically related to the lawsuit against the [*] - [*] would have had a lot more in the statement that was completely irrelevant otherwise -though again in hindsight, I wish I had included [*]'s opinion that she was frightened of her grandmother, [*]), and when I actually typed anything, I always verified it with [*]. When I finished, I printed out a copy for her to verify before signing. We actually revised the document three times after I printed out hard copies because she saw things she wanted to add or change.
    In the end, I believe the document was three pages long (I lost my last remaining copy due to the duplicitous actions of one Tim Harris, who took custody of my legal papers upon my transfer to prison - but that's another tale for another day....). [*] signed it and I sent a copy to the [*] as discovery for the suit.
    Of course, the [*] did not accept that at least part of their actions had been exonerated. they were still being sued for breaking into our home to steal [*]'s dishwasher, for breaking the pipes under our house, for tearing down our address sign and other acts of vandalism, not to mention for their efforts to contact anyone and everyone they could to maliciously malign me as a "child molester" (They even called Arcadia's landlord to spread that false accusation!). Instead of accepting this, they instead called Child and Family Services (CFS) and alleged that I had "browbeat and tortured" [*] into signing the statement and made up a new allegation, claiming I had supposedly tickled [*] in her private areas!
    Of course, [*] denied this and to this day, [*] has been the one person who has been unwavering in her support of my innocence; Even after [*] was taken from her home, she refused to lie about me, even at the cost of not being allowed to be returned home. Which is an interesting story in and of itself. Remember, [*] was six years old and [*] was thirteen. [*]'s older sister and even her mom, [*], bent to the authorities' whims to help railroad me into a false conviction, yet the youngest of all of them, the one someone would think would be the easiest to manipulate, stuck to her guns and refused to lie for the authorities that had abducted her. In my mind, if there was ever someone deserving of honor and respect throughout all of this, it is little [*]. I could not be more proud of her; I only wish I could tell her...
    By the way, I know that CFS tried to convince her to lie about me because she told [*] in a couple of letters that the little genius managed to smuggle to her mom. [*] had a reading coach in school, a teenage girl. [*] convinced this girl to take letters to her mom to let her mom know what was being done to her. There were like two or three letters that [*] got before CFS found out about it and put a stop to it. But then letters, though actually written by the teenage girl, made it very clear what was going on: Kori Taylor, the CFS caseworker, was trying to get [*] to lie about me and [*] refused to do it. [*] made it clear that she was mad at her sister ([*]) because she was willing to say whatever Taylor wanted her to, and [*] desperately wanted to come home, even at the cost of leaving her sister behind. She said she even had her suitcases packed and was ready to go anytime her mom came to get her.
    I actually had to talk [*] out of going to get her daughter. Trust me, it was not an easy thing to do, but I knew that with the authority of the district court behind CFS, however unlawfully imposed that authority may have been, if [*] had gone and picked up [*], it would have been considered kidnapping and [*] would have been on the run for the rest of her life. I could not let [*] do that, even if going after her daughters was the ethically right thing to do... Sometimes, it sucks being right....
    Well, that's all the time I have for today. I will hopefully be here to type more tomorrow...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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