Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Continuing the Saga (ACGA Cont., Part IV 1/2)

    Okay, lately I have been going off-topic on various discussions that, though relevant, are probably making it pretty hard to follow the thread of events chronologically. Part of this is because I have, by necessity, had to back up and fill in blanks in my original statement (Another Case of Gov Abuse). Another part is that there are current issues ongoing that need commentary. And of course there are the random thoughts that come to me that I feel compelled to chronicle wile they are fresh in my mind. But this makes the reading of my history more than a little jumbled, and for that I apologize.
    However, I hope that one can realize that I am making an effort to keep the ACGA threads in line by numbering each one. I suggest that anyone trying to follow this thread please go back and read the original site, then follow the threads as they are numbered starting on February 26, 2009.
    Unfortunately, I find myself out of time at the moment and won't have time to do more than apologize for my ineffectiveness today. It is part of the drawback to having only roughly an hour each day to do all my internet work because I have to use the library's computers. I am trying to get a personal computer or laptop, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. This fight has left me absolutely destitute and I simply do not have resources yet to draw upon to set myself up in even the simplest ways. Basic things like a computer or even a DVD player or VCR are beyond my means.
    I remind one and all that I did call for donations on my original sight to assist me with legal defense against the corrupt Montana authorities; but to date, not a single person has stepped forward to aid my efforts. As it stands, I fight this battle alone, both physically and economically. And I could certainly use help, but I begin to feel that there's just no one out there who cares enough to do anything about any of this but me...
    At any rate, I hope that anyone reading this will bear with me and my limitations as I try to eventually commit all of my experiences to this blog and beyond...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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