Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After the Arrest, Part I

    As I detailed up through my previous post, I had been set up pretty handily by authorities in Kalispell, Montana, who did not want to answer for their official misconduct. What started as a malicious scheme by my girlfriend’s parents, who had a history of creating such false allegations over twenty years, ended up falling into the jurisdiction of a corrupt government authority where their official misconduct led to an ongoing state of conflict between themselves and me. The problem was that Montana had been corrupt at every level for so long without being challenged that the officials felt themselves immune from repercussions no matter how far outside the law their conduct went. Of course, I had no idea of what I had been up against when I set out to challenge the misconduct directed against me during the police department’s initial investigation of the case, but I came to realize that corruption was not isolated to just Kalispell, Flathead County or even to the State of Montana – it included, perhaps to a more isolated degree, to the criminal justice system as a whole, even to that operating within Goldendale, Washington.
     I have to say at the outset of this that I cannot say how much of this is typical of authority in Goldendale or how much was just some level of cooperation with Montana as some kind of perverted professional courtesy. All I know is what happened to me and that was only during a very brief period that did not provide me the opportunity to compare my treatment to that of anyone else…
     Immediately upon arrest, I began making calls to my business in Kalispell. Of course, these calls were recorded, and I have every reason to believe that the contents of those calls were relayed to the Kalispell authorities, at the very least to the Flathead County Attorney’s Office. I say this because of two things:
     First, as I noted in previous posts, [*] (now [*]) was arrested exactly one week to the day after me on February 27, 2004. The information charging [*] was not filed at the same time as mine, nor was the warrant for her arrest issued then either. Yet something within the week following my arrest warranted the Kalispell authorities to include her within their net. Since the allegation against [*] stemmed from the same accusation of [*]’s on February 4, 2003, any genuine prosecution upon the same charge would have been filed at the same time as my own. But it was not. Clearly, it had been an afterthought to go after [*]. The question then would be why?
     The answer I believe stems from the content of my recorded conversations from the Goldendale jail. Specifically, I was requesting for [*] to send me copies of files I had left in her care at our mutual business upon the possibility that Kalispell would attempt to take some illicit action against me. Included in those records were documents proving that the original investigations with the Kalispell Police Department (KPD) and Child and Family Service (CFS) had been closed in September, including records supporting that the two agencies had communicated these details between them. I had also requested that [*] request [*]’s medical records to prove the inconsistencies between her various stories, of Edith Paxman’s observations about [*]’s untruthfulness, and most importantly the records of Dr. Barney Houser that would reflect that Kori Taylor of CFS subjected [*] to an overly aggressive interview when [*] refused to say reassert the false allegation, an interview that had left [*] in tears. Further, I had been discussing with [*] about liquidating assets to aid me in my legal battle.
     It is my belief that upon learning of my intentions to obtain these records that would exonerate me, and in the potential of liquidating assets to retain a private attorney, that Kalispell officials took steps to bar my access to any resources I could draw upon, specifically by arresting [*] and putting her under threat of harm should she aid me in any way. So long as I remained incarcerated, I had no hope of accessing these things myself – and if [*] could be made to not supply them, then these authorities would have complete control over what did and did not come to light in my defense, and further had control over the attorney that I would be forced to work with.
     Keep in mind, the original allegation against me was on July 9, 2003. I was not actually charged and arrested for this alleged offense until February 20, 2004, almost eight months later. The investigation had been closed and only re-opened to bar my access to the police records. When I had sought default judgment, the court clerk had tampered with the file to bar my rightful legal relief. And my subsequent arrest only occurred when it became clear that the local authorities were going to lose the ability to block my suit if I could successfully move the suit to federal court, a week from the deadline of the thirty day time limit I had set, in fact. If all of these things could be perpetuated to stop me, it is not too much of a stretch to recognize that when I could have conceivably obtained evidence that would have once again removed me from their control that they would once again exert their authority to block such an effort by any means.
     Coming after [*] was a coup. Not only could they bar my access to records that could exonerate me while I was still in Washington (and consequently outside of their direct control), but it also deprived me any chance of possibly liquidating my assets to retain a private attorney. This was not part of their original plan, or it would have happened at the same time that they arrested me. Apparently, Kalispell authorities believed that I no longer had support in Kalispell, perhaps thinking I had fled to start a new life. Afterall, this was exactly what Kori Taylor had insisted of [*] – that she dissolve all contact with me and evict me from my home and business in Kalispell. When they learned that I actually did retain my interest in the Kalispell business and still had [*]’s support, they took action to sever that support more directly – by arresting [*] on yet another false charge. However, they were successful in intimidating her enough that she finally did what they had wanted from her all along – she completely cut me off from my assets and from any outside support.
     As an aside, I would like to say that, though I hold little resentment toward [*], as I have commented on extensively in previous posts, I hold a great deal more toward [*]. [*] was kidnapped and placed under extreme demands with absolutely no way of knowing what was really going on. She did not know the law, did not know that what was being done was illegal, nor that she had any right to challenge what was being done to her. [*] was only a thirteen year old girl who was easily intimidated and undereducated about what the government could and could not do.
     [*], on the other hand, did not have this excuse. [*] knew that what CFS had done was illegal. I had shown her the specific laws that CFS had violated. She also knew from her own personal life experiences what the proper procedures were for CFS to respond to allegations of abuse – she had been a foster mother herself years earlier! She knew what was being done was wrong but in the end, to save herself, she collaborated with those that she knew were acting illegally, knowing that in doing so she was committing an innocent man to ongoing imprisonment and abuse.
     [*] (now [*]) sold - me - out. Period. And this is not something I can so readily forgive.
     This is not to say that I do not in some way feel that [*] was a victim as well. She was put under threats and intimidations the same as [*] was – my fault in her lies in the fact that she, unlike [*], made an informed choice to betray me. And that is not something I can see to completely be okay with. And of course, [*] did more than turn her back on me with the authorities – she also cheated on me, but that’s something I will detail later.
     The second reason I believe this was directly related to my phone calls to [*] was that immediately after [*] was arrested, within a couple of days, the Goldendale jail put a block in on my business' number. I could not call back to Kalispell to work on obtaining the records I needed nor maintain my support base.
     At the time this happened, I had no reason that the block had been created on Goldendale's side - I thought that there must have been some kind of disruption on Kalispell's side, such as the bill not getting paid or too much toll charges on the phone (all calls from jail are collect and phone companies tend cap toll charges to a line after a certain amount). It was only toward the end when the block was suddenly removed two days before I left Goldendale, as they prepared for my leave, that I realized the block had been put in by Goldendale jail officials.
     The only reason for such a block would have been to bar my access to [*] and my support structure in Kalispell. And since that access had absolutely no impact upon the proceedings in Goldendale, I can only presume that the block was placed at the request of the Kalispell authorities...
     At any rate, I am running out of time on this post, so I am going to end this thread for today. Most of it was actually written before I started today, but I spent a lot of time re-editing the posts I wrote yesterday, so I did not have time to type much more on this post. I will continue this thread hopefully tomorrow.
     Ciao for now!

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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