Friday, March 27, 2009

What Came After ACGA, Part III

    As I mentioned in my previous post, [*] convinced me that to help her in cooperating with Child and Family Service (CFS) worker, Kori Taylor. [*]'s girls had been abducted through a massive violation of state laws, but [*] believed that fighting against this misconduct would take longer than if she cooperated. I did not agree with her position - in fact, I had told her that cooperation would only strengthen their position, not weaken it, and that the authorities would not relinquish their undue influence until and unless I withdrew my own legal challenges against them, which I refused to do. But I could not convince [*] of this. And I felt that sooner or later, [*] would be forced in her conflict between myself and her girls to try to evict me from my home and business to try to comply with Taylor's demands. This was a legal struggle I could not afford, as it would undermine my support from [*], and so I agreed to advance my plans to set up a satellite youth program, and made arrangements to move to Goldendale, WA.
    This was not an easy thing to do, either. We had not had an opportunity to budget for this sudden move and our business had taken some serious financial hits from the defamation from city officials as well. So I went to Goldendale without any financial support. I had to actually apply for social services while I was there, which I should not have had to do when expanding a business like that. But I had agreed to move away to provide distance for [*] to try her direction with cooperating with the corrupt actions taken by CFS. Essentially, I went into voluntary exile with my son because I loved [*] and the girls enough to let them try to work things out [*]'s way, even when I disagreed with her plan entirely.
    The original plan had been to spend between six to twelve months in Goldendale establishing the satellite program and to secure a staff to operate it independently of my own direct involvement. I was only given less than two months though.
    I was more or less successful in Goldendale. I was well into making inroads with local organizations - I soon had the support of the local chamber of commerce and had received support from a local nonprofit organization who agreed to let the Outpost CCG (the youth program) work under its nonprofit umbrella in Washington to solicit grants. Things were well on the road toward establishing the center I had planned on.
    Unfortunately, the legal issues still ongoing in Kalispell put an abrupt end to my efforts there.
    Prior to leaving for Goldendale, I had filed a motion for default judgment in my lawsuit against Kalispell. The city representatives had not filed a response to either the original petition (filed October 30, 2003) nor the complaint (filed November 18, 2003), so that by the end of December, there was no other proper legal recourse than to seek default judgment. I filed for default on December 23, 2003, the same day I left for Goldendale.
    Sometime in the first week of January, [*] informed me of a letter that had been received at Arcadia's address in Kalispell from the local court clerk, Peg Allison (to date, I have never actually seen the physical letter, by the way). In the letter, Allison stated that the default judgment could not be granted because the action had not been properly served. In a phone conversation I had with Ms. Allison immediately after this, she claimed that there had been no proof of service filed. Now, I knew that there had been because I had walked into the clerk's office and filed all three proofs myself - I had had [*] serve the city defendants with the original petition in October, 2003, and had had two different people (James Valentino and another patron of Arcadia) serve the complaint in November, 2003. So I knew that Ms. Allison was lying, but I told her that I could provide copies of the proofs for her to prove that they had been served.
    As soon as I said that though, Ms. Allison changed her story and said that no, it was the fact that no summons had ever been issued that was the reason for not granting the default judgments. In other words, she was intentionally obstructing the filing and fishing for excuses to not let the default judgment go through...
    There is more to this that I will have to finish later... Out of time for today.     Hopefully I will get a chance to post more tomorrow...
    Ciao for now!

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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