Friday, March 13, 2009

Appellate Action

    I interrupt the current thread to present the content of a motion I just filed with the Montana State Supreme Court. As one might recall having read previous posts, the supreme court recently ruled against my appeal, but only actually addressed two of the four issues presented. My attorney, William Hooks of Helena, MT, refused to file a motion for reconsideration, and since the Montana rules of court prohibit an individual represented by counsel to file independent or pro se motions, I have to seek dismissal of my attorney before I can file for reconsideration myself.
Keep in mind, I do not expect the supreme court to grant this motion - I expect them to deny it, or if they do somehow grant this preliminary request and let me file a motion for reconsideration, they will reject that. I am an enemy of the state and I have no right in the eyes of the powers-that-be in this state for equal protection under the laws...
That being said, here's what I wrote:


Motion To Dismiss Counsel Of Record and For Extension Of Time To File Motion For Reconsideration
Cause No. DA 06-67, In the Supreme Court of Montana

    Comes now Appellant Ron Glick to move of this Court to dismiss counsel William Hooks as Appellant's attorney of record and to grant Appellant an extension of time to file a pro se motion for reconsideration, and to wit:
    Timely notice of appeal was filed in this cause on or about January 9, 2006, and all initial briefs were filed by on or about January 26, 2007. This Court issued a preliminary order on or about July 31, 2007, ordering a new hearing upon one of the four primary appellate issues raised y Appellant's counsel, in specific the conflict of interest pertaining to Appellant's trial counsel representing two other inmates poised to testify against Appellant at trial, said hearing actually occurring on or about September 17, 2007, and supplemental briefs subsequent thereto were filed by on or about November 14, 2007. This Court thereafter issued its dispositional order in this cause on or about February 19, 2009, in which this Court affirmed Appellant's conviction by ruling upon only two of the four appellate issues raised within the appeal. As this Court disregarded two appellate issues entirely, Appellant believes he is entitled to reconsideration of the Court's disposition.
    Appellant specifically requested of his counsel, Mr. Hooks, to seek reconsideration of this cause upon the two unaddressed issues and several sub-issues of those then Court did address that also had been disregarded, yet Mr, Hooks has stated his refusal to do so. Since Montana rules of court prohibit a party represented by counsel to file independent pro se motions, and Mr. Hooks has not independently withdrawn as Appellant's counsel, Appellant himself is barred from seeking a motion for reconsideration without first removing his counsel of record. Although Appellant is fully cognizant of the bias held by this Court against pro se litigants in general and against Appellant specifically as an enemy of the State of Montana for his challenging official misconduct rampant within the corrupt structures of state government, as demonstrated ad infinum throughout the Court's numerous orders against Appellant, Appellant is left with no other recourse than to seek dismissal of Mr. Hooks and an extension of time in order to seek ruling upon the unresolved issues within this cause of action, issues that have been blatantly ignored by this Court.
    WHEREFORE, Appellant requests of this Court to dismiss William Hooks as Appellant's attorney of record and to grant Appellant a thirty (30) day extension in which to file an independent pro se motion for reconsideration.

    Appellant does hereby attest, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of his ability to present, and that this is respectfully submitted on the 12th day of March, 2009.


    There it is. It goes in the mail today. Only time will tell if the Montana Supreme Court will break from its pattern or not, but now it's possible for the world to view the process of abuse that is so rampant within this State...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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