Saturday, March 14, 2009

Information Update

    This post is primarily for anyone attempting to verify the veracity of the content of this site. I do my best to post not only accurate but complete information whenever it is possible. Towards that end, when I learn something new, I will be attempting to update previously posted info. In this vein, on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, I posted some specific information that I have I did not have or was unable to confirm at that point in time.
     In that post, I identified a "volunteer" for the youth program as just "[*]" because I could not recall his last name. I now have his full name: [*]. Is it any wonder I could not recall it? Mr. [*] is the one who, in coordination with James Vallentino, began the rumor that anyone who assisted in my defense after my arrest would go to jail just like [*] did. He is also the one that [*] cheated on me with and who apparently she is still together with to this day. At one time I considered [*] a friend, but like so many others, he was only there to serve his own base wants and desires, and he had no moral quams in lying. manipulating and stealing my girlfriend or in aiding the powers-that-be in their actions against me simply to serve his own ends. Mr. [*] may not have been an active comspirator with the governmemt officials, but he was nevertheless a collaborator in their efforts by further undermining what support I could otherwise have relied upon to battle against the injustice I was faced with.
     As an additional update, I have also confirmed that [*] is now [*]. When [*] and I were together, she was still enduring a lengthy divorce from her ex-husband, [*]. [*] dragged out the divorce as long as he could to make [*]'s life miserable. I knew of her intentions to return to her maiden name with a variation: [*] was actually the Americanized version of her true family name, [*]. I knew that upon her divorce, she intended to return to using her family's true name. And I have now verified that she has, in fact, done so. Of course, originally the return to her full family name was designed as a protest to her parents' wicked actions, as she did not want to be identified as a [*]. Unfortunately, information I have received suggests she is once again back on good terms with her family and has apparently endorsed their actions against me.
     It is said that your enemies can kill you, but only your friends can hurt you. And I, for one, cannot agree more. By now, I have enemies in every level of state government, and apparently a few in federal as well, for my advocacy work and for defying the status quo in Montana; but not a single one of them has actually hurt me. Those who hurt me are the ones who I had thought were my friends, those I had invested my love and trust in. It still, to this day, makes me sick to think of how [*] weaseled his way into taking over my life - he got [*] and the remnants of my life. He did this by fueling fear and paranoia against me, by making threatening calls to [*] that he claimed were made by me while I was in jail (and incapable of making such calls - they were made to [*]'s cell phone and the jail phone could not call cell phones and could only make collect calls), and convinced [*] that I had cheated on her with some guy in jail (which is just too sick and wrong to say more about - I am herterosexual and, though I completely accept homsexuals and their right to be as they are, I am now nor ever have been with a man and to use that as a weapon against me is just perverted!). [*] was a friend and [*] was more than a friend. But neither had any qualms against turning on me when I was in need of help, and neither had any reservations about serving their own base whims when it came to pursuing their own base desires...
     As a final piece of information, both [*] and [*] have joined with others to form the Glacier Area Paranormal Society. I only mention this as a public note of caution: though I cannot speak for the integrity of others in the group (and actually I would probably endorse Grant DeLage, as he was someone I once thought well of and have no reason to believe him part of their duplicity), I would not be too quick to place my trust with a group who has such morally challenged people within their operation.
     That's all for today. I hope to get some time to post a second entry today as well to finish up the discussion of [*]'s background in the ACGA Continued thread...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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