Monday, March 16, 2009

[*]'s Bio, Part III (ACGA Cont. Part VII)

    I would like to clarify something before I go on here. I left the impression, I think, that I hold a lot of resentment for [*] in my last post, and though I do hold some resentment, I cannot say that I completely hold [*] to blame, either. She was first manipulated into this whole scheme by her grandparents (the [*]s), then when she recanted, she was abducted by State officials who spent months threatening and intimidating her into saying what they wanted so she could go back home (not that apparently they ever delivered on that promise).
    Do I believe that [*] is to blame for what happened? Certainly, I believe a degree of blame needs to be laid at her feet. She was completely aware that the things she said were malicious and untrue. But does she deserve my hate and revilement? No, I do not believe she does. I am extremely disappointed that someone I loved and cared for would betray me the way she did, but she was only thirteen years old and was under a great deal of pressure from people she trusted and from legal authorities to do the things they wanted to do.
    I have had the chance to read dozens of psychological papers on the subject of childhood susceptibility, and I understand that an adolescent can be misled by authority figures that she has trust in. That includes grandparents and law enforcement. So there's a lot of reasons to put what [*] did into a different light and offer forgiveness for what happened. In the end, [*] was just as much as a victim in this affair I was, though not for the reasons that the State would have the public believe. [*] was not sexually abused by me, but she was subjected to terror and deceit in order to make a case against me. [*] may have proven herself untrustworthy and unreliable in the greater scheme of things, but I cannot bring myself to hate her for being the victim of these other people who should really be the ones that I hate.
    At any rate, I had intended this to be the resolution of the background on [*], but now with my aside, I may not have the time to finish, but I'll give it a good run.
As I last left off, [*] was a troubled girl, with habits of lying and doing just about anything for attention, even if the attention was negative.
    There was one point I remember that [*] was given a pair of faux leather pants from a friend, and she really liked them. Then one day we got this call from Mary Jane Foxx (her school counselor) berating [*] for being an unfit mother for "making" [*] wear the same clothes to school for three days in a row. Now, I personally knew that had not been true because this was a common problem for [*] - getting up in the morning after sleeping in her clothes (yeah, good luck getting her to change out of those) and trying to wear the same ones the next day - and I had been personally involved in sending [*] back into her room to change almost every morning. But still, Ms. Foxx was insisting [*] was wearing the same clothes anyway.
    Well, it turns out that [*] was tricking [*] and I. [*] told Ms. Foxx when confronted that her mom didn't do laundry and she had no clean clothes to wear. But of course, [*] did do [*]'s laundry and [*] easily had more clothes than any of the kids because of gifts from family, friends and such. So we knew that was a lie. Thing is, [*] did not think Ms. Foxx would contact us about it. And when she got cornered in the lie, [*] changed her story (sound familiar?) - now she admitted that it was her, that she had been wearing other clothes over the faux leather pants because a boy in school liked how she looked in them. Whether the boy part was true or not, I'll never know - personally, I think she just liked them and that was the only reason she needed.
The point of this story is that [*] had no compunction against lying, especially to Ms. Foxx, and Ms. Foxx believed without question anything [*] said. Ms. Foxx did not call us with a question about the clothes; she called with an accusation and threat to report abuse with CFS for neglecting [*]. [*] had a way of twisting people around to believe her, no matter what she said or how unreasonable her story might seem. And it was the perfect talent to make people believe she had been victimized by me once that idea had been put into her head.
    Okay, clearly I need another day to wrap this up, so I'm going to close for now. Tomorrow, I will wrap this up and one and all will understand what all of this pretense over these last three posts in this thread have all been about. As much as I have sidelined on this, it really is all significant to the overall picture. And tomorrow, you will see why.
    Ciao for now!

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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