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[*]'s Bio, Part V (ACGA Cont., Part IX)

    Okay, hopefully this will be the final entry on this thread so I can move onto new material. It is looking like I may be running out of time on the limited amount of "freedom" I have left, so it's vital I get as much entered as I can over the next couple of weeks...
As I detailed in the last post, [*] did not want to face the potential of punishment at home for her abusive behavior and she had a counselor at school (Mary Jane Foxx) who had been enabling [*]'s whims as she sought inappropriate attention. Her last effort to play the suicide card though backfired and she ended up committed to suicide watch at Pathways here in Kalispell. This all happened on November 13, 2003.
    [*]'s commitment was pretty standard. Her therapist at Pathways, Dr. Barney Houser, believed she was suffering from emotional depression and agreed that her commitment was appropriate. [*] and I visited with [*] and Dr. Houser and there was absolutely no issues from that meeting that had any real relationship to the former conflict over the false allegation. By this point, [*] had recanted the allegation and everyone pretty much accepted (including myself) her most recent explanation that the accusation had stemmed from a repressed memory.
    As for personal visits, [*] was the one who went to visit [*] in the evenings, mostly because I still had trust issues with [*] and I believed the trust issues went both ways. As such, I did not believe she really wanted me to visit her. However, that was not true, as [*] came to me soon after [*]'s commitment and said [*] did want me to come see her. This was a problem for management due to meetings only being in the evenings and my commitments to organized gameplay at the store.
    This was a complication because I was the official judge for every evening event that Arcadia sponsored - most of the game companies that promoted tournaments required a registered judge to oversee the games, and I was Arcadia's sole licensed judge for the games we promoted. This was a longstanding conflict I had with others helping me with Arcadia - I should not have been the only licensed judge, but noone else wanted to take up the responsibility... There were a couple of exceptions, one of those being Wednesday nights when we ran Warlord - Warlord did not require a registered judge and I was able to schedule a viist with [*] for November 19, 2003.
[*] was convinced, by the way, that [*] only wanted me to visit so she could play off of my sympathies to get her out of Pathways. [*] hated being confined and was desperate to get out of suicide watch - [*] had stood firm and intended to have [*] stay to get whatever treatment she needed - [*], apparently, believed that I could be convinced to get her out, mostly because when it came to the kids, I had always been the "soft touch". [*] described it as [*] and the other kids having me wrapped around their fingers - if they ever wanted anything, I was usually the one who would go out of my way to get it for them. I seriously doubt I would have been suckered into taking [*] out of Pathways, but [*] was convinced that that was why [*] had wanted me to visit, to saddle up to me with sweet talk and niceties to try to get her out...
    At any rate, while this was all going on, I and Arcadia were still being subjected to harassments by local officials. I had finally gotten the local "inspections" to stop, but I was still receiving harassing letters from Richard Hickle with the Kalispell City Attorney's Office. These started in response to my filed petition for production of police records which was filed back on October 30, 2003. But when they did not stop and it became clear that it was just another effort to obstruct my rights, I filed the full lawsuit on November 18, 2003.
    This is the event that triggered everything else that followed. The next day, on November 19, Child and Family Services (CFS) intern worker, Kori Taylor, visited [*] at Pathways. Of course, [*] nor I knew about what really was going on that day until later. Our first indication that anything was wrong was when [*] received a call from Dr. Houser around 5pm that day telling her that visitation for that evening had been cancelled due to some unspecified lockdown. Since this was the evening that I had planned to visit, it was disappointing, but we accepted Dr. Houser's explanation.
    But during that call, Dr. Houser also reported to [*] that [*] had been visited by CFS and that [*] had been subjected to a "very aggressive interview" by the worker that was "counterproductive to [*]'s care". Apparently, the interview by Ms. Taylor had left [*] in tears and Dr. Houser requested that [*] please contact CFS to ask that they not visit [*] again.
What Dr. Houser did not say was that Ms. Taylor had come in and literally attacked [*] (verbally, not physically) about the allegation that [*] had already recanted. Keep in mind, both the police and CFS investigation had been closed in September, 2003, and this was two months later. [*] had recanted the allegation in October and even when pressed by Ms. Taylor, [*] insisted that nothing had happened with me, and that it had all been confusion with a repressed memory. Ms. Taylor would not accept this though and continued to berate [*] until finally Ms. Taylor informed [*] that she would be having her removed from her mother's custody. This is what caused [*] to break down crying.
    Ms. Taylor thereafter told Dr. Houser that he could not "forewarn the family" of her intentions to have [*] removed, and apparently Dr. Houser was bound by that instruction to not alert [*]. He did however work around that instruction to place a warning call to [*] that evening to at least let her know something was in the wind. But by that time, without more information about the intent to remove [*], there was nothing any of us could do.
[*] had intended to call CFS the next day, but planned to do so after she got back from work in the afternoon. She got back to Arcadia that day and I had to leave to run business errands, so she put off making the call until I got back. Had we known that there were machinations in the background, neither of us would have delayed following any of this up, but Ms. Taylor had made a point of hiding what she was doing from us (which, by the way, is a gross violation of state law - see the original ACGA).
    Long story short, [*] and [*] were abducted by Ms. Taylor on November 20, 2003. No protocol was followed, no effort to "work with" the family was extended. This was an ambush - it was a surgical strike designed to kidnap and separate [*]'s daughters to gain undue influence over them and to use this abusive control to intimidate [*] and myself. This may have been accomplished through the rubber-stamping of court proceedings, but it was nevertheless a grossly illegal action. This entire procedure was akin to the Nazi abductions of Jews during World War II. CFS was granted leave to act outside the law and used that illegal authority to intimidate witnesses against me and to coerce those who would otherwise support me from assisting me.
    This was one of only several instanced of this kind of behavior, but it was the first and by far the most harmful. As I previously accounted, the local district court judge, Ted Lympus, endorsed the abduction of the girls in the December 5, 2003, show cause hearing, and granted CFS authority to detain the girls for basically an indefinite period. There was no evidence, no justification for these actions - [*] denied that I had ever harmed her and [*] never accused me of anything, no matter how much pressure was put upon her. However, the effort of these corrupt authorities achieved success - following the show cause hearing, after it was made clear that CFS would not return the girls without their siding with the State, [*] finally agreed to reassert the allegation, even though in doing so she made critical changes (yet again) to her story.
    Truth to tell, I cannot be sure how much time I have left on this system today, so I am going to end this here. Everything that needed to be filled in has been done so at this point, I believe, so tomorrow will start a new thread - what happened after the last posting I made in ACGA. I hope those who may be reading this post will stay tuned for what became an even greater transgression of civil liberties as I learned that the corruption I had been exposed to was not just mited to myself, but had existed for quite some time. It may not have started with me, but the status quo certainly gave the authorities the latitude to do as they wished to me without repercussions. So next, I need to explain what happened after [*] reasserted her allegation on December 9, 2003.
    "See" you all tomorrow...

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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