Saturday, March 14, 2009

[*]'s Bio, part deux (ACGA Cont., Part VI)

    This is a continuation of my post from a couple of days ago, providing some background on [*], the person I allegedly "assaulted".
    As I detailed in my previous post (March 12, 2009), [*] was a troubled child. She had long-standing emotional issues that stemmed from her years of abuse at the hands of [*], and everyone in and around her life knew of these issues. [*] knew [*] had a tendency to lie about just about everything and that [*] was not above lying about something to get attention for herself. A friend, Melissa Gamma, recently told me a story I was previously unaware of - how Melissa had seen [*] slap her sister, [*], then blame it on my son, John, and about how [*] believed [*] and punished John. I point this out to demonstrate that, sometimes, even knowing [*]'s penchant for dishonesty, that even [*] was not clear on when [*] was actually lying.
    Another factor was that [*] was more than a mediocre actress, as well. During [*]'s growing up, [*] had had both of her girls in talent and beauty contests. One such contest when [*] was younger (about eight, if I recall correctly), [*] was invited to a Washington competition where, unbeknownst to [*] or [*] at the time, [*] had actually received an offer for an acting contract for her performance. No one learned of this until I uncovered a letter in [*]'s home that [*] had concealed during their marriage making the offer. Of course, by this time (sometime in 2003), the offer had long-since expired. [*] had a problem with anyone else in the household being "better" than him at anything, and it can only be presumed that he hid the letter to make sure that [*] did not "rise above her station". Yeah, [*] was a sick, sick man - this is a guy who hid the ashes of [*]'s deceased daughter from her because [*] seemingly thought more of her deceased daughter than she did of him... Life I said, a very sick man...
    At any rate, [*] knew full well what [*] was capable of. She knew that, given a script, [*] could perform admirably on just about any topic, even pull up tears as needed. In essence, [*] was a perfect collaborator in creating a faux assault claim. Of course, [*] was limited to what she was told and no one who helped her concoct the false allegation had any real experiences with actual assault cases...
    In fact, [*]'s original story fell apart within a week after she went to see a counselor, Edith Paxman. After interviewing [*], Ms. Paxman noted that [*] had no emotional attachment to her story (ie, she rattled off the details, but showed no genuine emotion in doing so), that [*] used words she did not understand (the example provided to me was "fondled" - [*] could not offer a definition of the word nor use it in another sentence, but freely used the word in her story) and that [*]'s story had no actual ending (when prompted, [*] created an ending, but it had to be pointed out that there was no actual resolution on how the alleged assault was stopped). All of this convinced Ms. Paxman that [*] was not being honest. This interview was also what led to [*] changing her story to claim I might have been asleep, and what ultimately led to the original police investigation being closed in September, 2003 (though the actual investigation stopped in July, 2003).
    Specifically, when Ms. Paxman asked [*] how the "encounter" ended, [*] apparently acted confused and said she just got up and walked away. Ms. Paxman asked if I tried to stop her, and [*] said I didn't. More questioning led to Ms. Paxman asking what I did do, and [*] said I was just lying there, at which point she was asked if my eyes were open or closed, and [*] responded closed. And when Ms. Paxman asked the ultimate question, "Could Ron have been asleep?", [*] responded (disgruntledly, I was told) that I could have been. It was this statement to police in late July that ended the initial investigation - if the event *had* occurred and I was not conscious, it was not a willful act and not a crime.
    Keep in mind, I have waffled back and forth on this point myself. Which is it: an involuntary act on my part, a concocted story with her grandparents' ([*]) collaboration, or a repressed memory that [*] only imagined? In the end though, I had to ask myself - if it really did happen, why had [*] changed her story so many times? And why were there so many questionable issues identified by Ms. Paxman? And why did [*]'s second version of events, as told to Officer Myron Wilson of the Kalispell Police Department, include a claim that an arm that she was lying on had performed a physically impossible ninety degree move to "fondle" both of her breasts? I finally reached the conclusion that there is no way the event could have actually have happened, but to this day I am not clear whether it was [*]'s imagination or an actual repressed memory or a combination of both.
    Personally, I lean more toward the idea that the [*] convinced [*] to help create a story about me to break up [*] and I and that the details were created by [*], who drew upon her childhood memory for details. But since the assault on [*] never happened to [*], and she had only been three years old at the time, [*] was not able to create a solidly believable story that would hold up to scrutiny. Her story had holes, and [*] was constantly changing details to try to fix them. This should have made my defense against the allegation a no-brainer, but as I have alluded, the attorney assigned to me, Ed Falla, was working for the corrupt officials who wanted me removed as a threat. He did his level best to suppress this information, refused to competently seek records and testimonies that would impeach [*], and adamantly refused to breach the topic of contradictory stories to [*] at trial. His big excuse was that he did not want to give [*] a chance to break down and cry before the jury, that that would make us look like bad guys, but as I told Falla, the only way that would happen was if Falla acted like a bully - simply pointing out the inconsistencies and impossibilities in a civil, respectful manner would not do this. But Falla refused to actually defend me, and was a big part in the kangaroo court that convicted me...
    Well, I'm once again out of time. I'll hopefully finish [*]'s bio on Monday.

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2004

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