Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Came After ACGA, Part II

    First, let me apologize for not posting yesterday. I do not have access to a computer on Sundays, and when I logged in yesterday, I had a lot of emails to respond to. So I ended up not having time to post. Considering that I am under constant threat of being revoked and sent back to prison, this needs to be a priority, but I find I do not have enough time to do everything I need to do each day... I have barely started in logging the events of the last five years and I fear I will not get anything close to enough published in here before I once again lose access to the internet (Montana prisons do not permit internet access by inmates). So I will try to get what I can in, but if this all stops suddenly one day, it will because I have once again lost what liberty I have...
    At any rate, as I noted last time, [*] had delivered five separate versions of the alleged events claiming I had allegedly assaulted her. The details kept changing every time someone pointed out a flaw in her story and, in at least the last instance, the details of the changed story were provided by a state representative (Kori Taylor of Child and Family Services (CFS)).
    After it became clear after December 5, 2003 (the show cause hearing) that the local courts were giving carte blanche authority to CFS to do whatever they wanted (even though at that time there was no outstanding allegation against me at all), [*] and my relationship started feeling some serious strain. Kori Taylor used her endorsed authority to continue to exceed her lawful authority by making demands of [*] that she dissolve all contact with me, including putting my son, John, and I out of her home and evicting me from our shared business.
    I kept showing [*] the actual laws of the State that showed that what Taylor was doing was illegal and tried to encourage her to fight against this misconduct, but [*] was simply too afraid to stand up for herself. She stressed constantly that if she fought, she would never get her girls back at all. As contrary point, I pointed out to her that if Taylor was not following the rules to begin with, that [*] would not get her girls back at all if she cooperated. I told [*] then that so long as I continued to fight the local authorities' improprieties, that CFS would never relinquish their control over [*]'s girls, that it did not matter whether [*] cooperated or not, that CFS would never give up their leverage that could be used to try to force me to back down. Essentially, [*] and [*] were kidnapped by the State of Montana and used as blackmail against [*] to coerce her to withdraw her support from me.
    In the end, CFS proved stronger in their bullying than I proved to be with simple reasoning.
    [*] would not immediately evict John and I from her home or from the business, but she made it clear that we needed to find some kind of plan to work toward that. Taylor had made several promises to permit visitation between [*] and her girls and had cancelled all three promises (these occurring all prior to [*]'s "new" allegation on December 9, 2003) allegedly because [*] had not complied with the demand of evicting me from her life. Only after [*] reasserted her allegation did [*] start to get limited, monitored visitation, but she was not allowed to discuss the situation, ask the girls anything relevant to what they were going through or where they were staying, or even to hug her own children. This method of first complete deprivation of contact and later in such stringent control was a form of psychological torture for [*]. It was bad enough not being allowed to see her kids, but when they were dangled at her, one at a time, like carrots that she could not fully embrace, it became worse for her. Bit by bit, the abusive nature of Taylor's control over the girls wore [*] down to the point that she came to feel that she could only get what she wanted (the return of her daughters) by at least offering some token of cooperation with CFS.
    Keep in mind, the deprivation of contact was designed for more than just control of [*] - it was a control element over the girls as well. [*] was deprived all contact until after she reasserted her allegation, and then she was "rewarded" with a visit to her mom shortly thereafter. The period of deprivation lasted over three weeks and in that time, Taylor apparently used this time to wear [*] down. [*] had never been someone who considered others' feelings when she wanted something, and [*] wanted to go home. That much had been obvious when she was held only a week under suicide watch. After three weeks of being told she would not be able to go home without reasserting her allegation, presumably using the same kind of aggressive interviews (as reported by Dr. Barney Houser), and [*]'s clear desire to just go home, she gave in and reasserted her allegation, albeit with modifications to "fix" her previous mistakes. This, by the way, violated every pretense of law - but the law, as has been the consistent problem throughout this affair, was set aside to permit the authorities unrestrained leave to undermine my actual innocence.
    At any rate, as CFS continued pressuring [*], and [*] herself began to buckle under the pressure, it became clear that [*] was not going to permit John and I to stay much longer, which would place [*] and I at legal odds as well over the business. I did not want this - I loved [*] deeply and I was hurt all the more by how much my war was costing her. We had had plans of expanding the youth program, plans that had preceded the allegations made in 2003. It had always been something we had planned for "down the road" - in fact, our most recent plan had been to try to set up a satellite youth program in summer of 2004. The situation though with [*] being forced to make a decision between her girls and myself moved up this schedule. Out of love for [*] and in an effort to try to help her get back her girls, I agreed to move up the calendar and try to set up a satellite program right away. And since the plan had always been to set up such a program out of state, I began searching for a community that would work out for such a project.
    The plans to do this were rushed - I agreed to move up the schedule shortly after Taylor began cancelling [*]'s visitations with her girls in late November, 2003, prior to [*] reasserting her allegation in December, and found a site rather quickly - by the middle of December, 2003, in Goldendale, Washington. I made a point of checking with the Kalispell Police Department once we had a target site and confirmed that there was no active investigation in their office that prohibited my leaving the State, and when I learned there was not, made plans to move to Goldendale. The move occurred on December 23, 2003.
    This is enough for today, as my hands are hurting. Tomorrow, I will discuss the move to Goldendale and all it entailed.
    Ciao for now.

Ron Glick
Political Prisoner since 2003

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